Transportation & Convoy

Rock ensures the safe travel of cargo, personnel, and critical materials for civilian and government clients alike. Our security teams have experience moving in a many different environments and use technology such as GPS tracking and monitoring to securely transport our clients and their goods.

Rock provides security services for corporate offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. We ensure that these areas and the personnel within are safe by providing security assessments, guarding services, 24/7 alarm response, mobile patrols, and training for their staff.

Rock understands the need for the safekeeping and security of critical infrastructure projects. Whether for oil and gas, telecom, or power, we provide the highest quality personnel and security plans to address any risks to infrastructure.

Corporate & Personal

Corporate CEOs, business owners, and other high-profile individuals are at increased security risk. Our executive protection services provide our clients with low-profile and professional protection to ensure their safety.

Rock provides comprehensive cyber security support to help our clients safeguard their data and computer systems from malware and hackers and protect their hardware from damage and theft.

Rock provides advisory and security support to humanitarian organizations in countries and communities where local security solutions may be unreliable.

Our support uses our teams’ experience working in high-risk, hostile, and changing environments to help international organizations protect their staff and assets so they can deploy resources and support to persons and communities in need.


Rock has extensive experience providing security support for government officials, buildings, and embassies. Our expertise in integrated site security, mobile patrol, and surveillance offers government clients turnkey support.


Rock provides security support for hospitals, clinics, and community medical centers to ensure that regardless of the environment, doctors, support staff and patients are safe.


Air travel and transportation are key drivers of modern economies. Rock is a trusted partner for governments, airlines, and airport authorities. Our services secure cargo, persons, and planes to ensure that all aspects of airport operations are safe.

Rock offers a range of support services to ports and maritime installations. Our services include cargo search and scanning, passenger screening, and onsite guarding to help clients secure their premises, materials, and operations.

Our skilled teams are recognized leaders in supporting port management and logistics security and work hard to ensure the safe transport of people and goods.