What We Do


Security Consulting

advisory and Assessment

Advisory & Assessment

Rock helps clients identify emerging threats and tailor a response that meets their core and future business needs. We conduct threat assessments, design security management and coordination frameworks, and provide advisory support that aligns security policies, plans, and resources with industry best practices.

Security and Crisis Management

Security & Crisis Management

Our teams provide clients turn-key support for managing their security capacities. Rock offers security management consulting, contingency and crisis planning, and direct security management through the operation of local command centers.

Intelligence and Data Collection

Intelligence & Data Collection

Rock utilizes a broad network of resources to provide clients with intelligence and analysis that is current and need-specific. Our intelligence teams specialize in individual and corporate due diligence, social media monitoring, and threat identification for events, sites, and VIPs.

Evaluation and Testing

Evaluation & Testing

To help clients test their security plans, resource readiness, and identify weaknesses, Rock offers full evaluations including operational reviews, crisis simulations, and red-team scenarios. Our methodologies ensure that clients’ needs are prioritized and risks minimized during real-time security operations.

Physical Security

Site and Event

Site & Event

Rock’s infrastructure security support offers a variety of solutions to clients operating in high and low-risk environments. Whether protecting a fixed site or providing security for a large event, we offer our clients vulnerability assessments, advisory consultations, planning, armed and unarmed manpower, and integrated technology solutions.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

We offer close protection support for government and commercial clients. Our teams have extensive experience providing armed and unarmed, low-profile VIP protection in complex and public environments. Our teams tailor their approach to address our clients’ threat level, security profile, and needs.

Mobile and Convoy Protection

Mobile & Convoy Protection

Rock’s mobile security teams use local intelligence and insight to provide transport and logistical protection in hostile and friendly environments. Our mobile teams build transportation plans that incorporate up-to-date traffic patterns and intelligence to ensure our clients and assets arrive safely at their destination.

Equipment and Surveillance

Equipment & Surveillance

Rock offers security equipment and the teams needed for set up, monitoring, and maintenance. Offerings include cutting-edge technologies for security checkpoints, entrances and exits, explosive detection, and CCTV surveillance.


Rock provides a wide range of capacity building services for the public and private sector. Our trainers have extensive experience operating in high and low-risk environments. Our curricula integrate industry-level education with field-based learning and ensure that trainees not only understand best practices but can also apply them in real-life scenarios. Key training modules cover:

Management and Leadership

Management & Leadership

Crisis and Emergency Response

Crisis & Emergency Response

Guarding and Protection

Guarding & Protection